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  • Adolescent Medicine Physician and Developmental Paediatrician.

  • One of the first paediatricians in Australia to be officially recognised in the specialty of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine.

  • Previously held leadership roles in the Adolescent Medicine departments at : Children's Hospital Westmead (Sydney), Royal Children's Hospital (Melbourne) and Princess Margaret Hospital (Perth) and  was the Clinical Director Adolescent Health in Justice Health NSW.

  • Has worked in private practice (part time) since 2014 when he and his family returned to Sydney and full time since 2017.

  • Was Vice President of the Australian Association for Adolescent Health  2012 - 2016 and  Chair of the Adolescent and Young Adult Health Committee at the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) 2013 - 2016. 

  • Has published more than a dozen research papers and authored several book chapters on adolescent health as well as presenting on the topic of youth health at conferences locally and internationally. 


AYAM, although only recently officially recognised as a subspecialty in Australia, has been recognised in the USA for over 40 years. Not only are health issues different for teenagers compared with children e.g. more mental health issues, puberty,...but the approach needed is also different. Teenagers should  be seen for part of any consultation on their own and be assured of confidentiality between them and their doctor. It is also prudent to check in with teenagers, no matter the reason for going to the doctor, about possible issues they may be dealing with e.g. stress, school, sexuality, substance use etc as early identification and intervention if warranted can prevent problems emerging later. This can be done using the widely accepted HEADSS assessment. Over the last few years the specialty area of adolescent health has increasingly expanded to include young adults hence the term AYAM.

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